Hi Internet of Horizon Telecom International

Why choose Hi-INTERNET?

Hi-INTERNET is one of the first internet service provider in Myanmar.

  • Fast installation;
  • Fast customer service;
  • Unlimited data usage;
  • Stable line performance;
  • Reasonable price,

It’s a must-have for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

Fiber Internet

Stable, fast, reasonable price
Business use Fiber Internet

Wifi on the go
Fastest scratch cards (25Mbps)




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.mm Domain Service

HTI is providing .mm domain service for all industry levels of our country. Based on industrial type, HTI can provide varieties of domain such com.mm, net.mm, gov.mm, org.mm, edu.mm and etc.,.  Domains can be used not only for the web address but also for email, file server and others.


Recommend for Business, enterprise, trading, and etc.​


Recommend for Technology related business, IT Industries and others.​


Recommend for government departments, ministries and e-Government websites.​


Recommend for respective organizations, non- government organizations, social organizations and etc.​


Recommend for educational institutions (government and private) and research institutes.